The UNP members are controlled by militia in Nikolayev


On 6 March 2003 a militia officer from the Leninskiy district precinct of Nikolayev visited one of the members of our party and warned her that she was included into a so-called „risk group“ as an active member of the Rukh.

On 11 March 2003, when we tried to learn with which goal and by whose order the officer visited the party member, the officer refused to give explanations, but told that he fulfilled the order of Anatoliy Drobot, the head of the Leninskiy district precinct.

After this the talk took place with militia senior lieutenant Olga Katazova. She stated that the district precinct had the list of all members of the party and that district officers had the right to check any of them in the framework of preventive work.

Viktor Butrin, the acting deputy of the head of the Leninskiy district precinct of Nikolayev, said that such checks were necessary for preserving order in the town, since the authorities learned about the conduction of the new actions „Arise, Ukraine!“

When V. Gurin, the head of the Nikolayev oblast organization of the UNP, explained that the law-enforcers had violated Article 22 Section II of the Law of Ukraine „On political parties“ and the Ukrainian Constitution, it appeared that the militiamen even did not know about the existence of this Law.

V. Gurin commented the situation: „This confirms once more that the police state is built in Ukraine“.

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