Journalist V. Boyko demands to recompense the moral damage.


On 24 February 2003 Donetsk journalist Vladimir Boyko turned to the prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk oblast with the claim about recompensing the moral damage equal to 1000 UAH inflicted to him by the illegal arrest in June 2002 and torture applied to him during his stay in the preliminary prison. On the same day he appealed to court against the resolution of the prosecutor’s office on the institution on 10 May 2002 of the criminal case against him. The case will be considered by the Voroshilovskiy district court of Donetsk.

The journalist affirms that on 4 July 2002 he underwent torture in the Donetsk preliminary prison. He sent the complaint to the prosecutor of the Kuybyshevskiy district of Donetsk, but got no answer.

„Because of the absence of the reaction on the side of the city prosecutor I cannot demand the compensation for the damage inflicted to me in the preliminary prison and bring to responsibility the persons guilty of this damage“, wrote V. Boyko in his appeal to the court.

By the data of the Institute of mass information, on 25 June 2002 V. Boyko was detained by tax militia in the editorial office of the newspaper „Salon Donu I Basa“.

On 27 June 2002 a judge of the Kuybyshevskiy district of Donetsk prolonged the term of Boyko’s detention up to 10 days. On 9 August criminal case No. 106-21663 on the accusation of V. Boyko according to the Articles 212 and 364 of the CRC of Ukraine was closed. On 16 August 2002 the Appeal court of the Donetsk oblast acknowledged the detention of V. Boyko to be illegal.

On 8 October 2002 the General Prosecutor’s office cancelled the resolution on closing the case, and the case was sent for the investigation to the prosecutor’s office of the Lugansk oblast.

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