Two members of UNA-UNSO went on hunger-strike in the Lukyanivsky preliminary prison demanding to stop humiliations


On 19 March two members of UNA-UNSO, Stanislav Samofalov and Mykola Liakhovich, who stay in the Lukyanivsky preliminary prison in Kyiv, went on a hunger-strike protesting against the outrage that is practiced in this prison. This information was made public by MP Andriy Shkil, the leader of the party.

By his words, the hunger-strike is connected with „violations of laws“, „beating of the political prisoners“, „prohibitions of correspondence, food parcels and meetings with relatives“.

All political prisoners underwent the physical pressure, the MP informed.

Besides, according to Andriy Shkil, other incarcerated members of the UNSO are ready to join the hunger-strike, if S. Samofalov, who needs medical aid, would not be transferred to a hospital.

M. Liakhovich, the second participant of the hunger-strike, turned to I. Skorobagach, the warden of the preliminary prison, to ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva and to mass media with the appeal, in which he described the torture applied to the incarcerated.

In his appeal Liakhovich stated that if the prison administration would not react to his protest immediately and would not stop the „illegal actions against the convicts“, he would begin more decisive protest actions.

M. Liakhovich was condemned to 5 years of incarceration, S. Samofalov – to 2 years. The term of the imprisonment of Samofalov will end on 23-25 March.

The members of the UNA-UNSO were tried according to Article 71 of the old Criminal Code: „organization of mass disorders“.

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