Correspondent of the newspaper "Krymskie novosti" was brutally beaten by strangers.


In the evening of 11 April in Simferopol two strangers brutally beat Aleksey Ermolin, a correspondent of the Crimean informational-analytical weekly „Krymskie novosti“. The editorial board of the weekly informs that the attackers delivered several blows on his head, but the journalist managed to run away. The journalist turned to the nearest hospital, from where he was transported by motor ambulance to the Republican clinical hospital. The doctors find the wound on the left eyebrow, rendered him the urgent aid and put in the stitches.

„The blows were rather strong, it seemed that one of the attackers had brass-knuckles“, A. Ermolin believes.

A. Ermolin deals with a number of acute topics, such as the misuses connected with the lands of the South Crimean Coast, in particular, the conflict between the dwellers of the settlement Gurzuf and the company „Artek“, and the problems of the markets in the capital of the republic. Earlier the journalist was threatened for many times, about what he communicated to the Committee of the monitoring of the freedom of speech in the Crimea. The collective of the editorial board does not exclude the version that the attack was provoked by Ermolin’s professional activities. Thus, they turn to all law-enforcing organs with the demand to guarantee the safety of the work of journalists of „Krymskie novosti“ and other mass media.

The press release was prepared by the Committee of the monitoring of the freedom of speech in the Crimea, Simferopol

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