15.12.2003 | Evhen Bayramov, „Politichna Ukraina“

A claim against the state


Citizen I. Shcheglov turned to the public reception office of the Lugansk oblast organization of the Voters’ Committee of Ukraine. Mr. Shcheglov has legal proceedings „with the Ukrainian state in the person of the Severodonetsk town militia directorate“.

The claim „On recompensing the damage inflicted by the passivity of the organs of state power“ is considered by the Severodonetsk town court chaired by judge O. Gorbatenko in the accordance with Article 56 of the Constitution of Ukraine. The reason for handing the claim was „… the passivity and procrastination of the Severodonetsk town militia directorate in investigating a criminal case“. Since 3 July 2000 the plaintiff cannot achieve the approval of the verdict on the criminal case, in which he is a victim. Shcheglov, a victim in one case and the claimant in another one, demands to collect 10 thousand UAH from the Severodonetsk militia directorate as the compensation for the moral damage.

Unfortunately, as judge Gorbatenko remarked, the actions of the militia directorate demonstrated not only the procrastination regarding to citizens, but also the obvious disrespect for the court: the consideration of the case had been postponed for several times because of the absence of the defendant.

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