Results of human rights and media grant competition (Press release of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine).


U.S. Embassy, Kiev is pleased to announce the results of the recent human rights and media grant competition. As part of the continuing U.S. commitment to support the development of democracy and the civil society in Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy’s Democracy Grants Program and Media Development Fund invited non-governmental organizations and independent media outlets to submit proposals that promote freedom of the press and human rights.

The aims of the competition were to increase public knowledge of international standards of human rights and freedom of the press, support the efforts of Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and journalists who are working on these issues, increase the capacity of local organizations to monitor and report on violations of human rights and strengthen the legal framework of protection of human rights and media freedoms, including legal analysis, public hearings, legal referral and assistance.

The Embassy has funded one or two projects per oblast throughout Ukraine. The average budget for each project is $6,000 to $8,000. Overall, the Democracy Grants Program and the Media Development Fund provided approximately $300,000.

Winners of the competition participated in a training conference and forum in Kharkov March 29 -April 2 conducted by the Kharkov Human Rights Protection Group and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. The conference included experts and trainers from Ukraine and the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation.

Grant winners will contribute information they develop through their projects to the Kharkov Rights Protection Group for inclusion in a preliminary report to be published in September 2000 on human rights and freedom of press in Ukraine. In March 2004 the Kharkov group will publish a final annual report with analysis covering the calendar year 2003.

The Embassy also will support the Kharkov Human Rights Protection Group to organize a Human Right Conference in Kiev in September 2003. Further details on the Human Rights Conference will be announced later.

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