Who will help the released?


(Press release)

The Donetsk charity fund „Dobrota“ („Kindness“) and the Department of the Donetsk oblast administration for the cooperation with law-enforcing organs organized the round table „Social rehabilitation and complex aid to the persons released from penitentiaries“. More than 50 representatives of state agencies, public organizations, rehabilitation centers, business structures and mass media took part in the round table. They discussed the questions of giving passports, rendering temporary lodging, jobs, education of former convicts, rendering the medical, material and psychological aid to them, consultations, as well as the question of forming the responsible attitude of the society to this problem. In the course of the discussion the participants came to the conclusion that the adoption of the regulations jointly developed by power organs, state agencies, mass media, business structures, public and religious organizations, would be an important contribution to the resocialization of the released.

One of the results of the work of the round table was the draft of the resolution, which, in particular, states the necessity of organizing the system or mutual informing, conducting social and psychological research of this problem, forming the Guardian Council, attracting the additional resources, creating the educational base and the network of public reception offices for the effective adaptation of the released.

Donetsk, 3 April 2003

Kristina Muzhetskaya

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