The USS tries to control the Internet.


The USS developed the draft of the resolution “On the re-delegation of the rights to administer the domain .UA”. In several days this draft will be considered by the Cabinet of Ministers. The analysis of the text shows that if this resolution would be adopted, the special services would obtain the control over the domain “UA”.

The adoption will also have a number of other consequences:

  • the precedent will be created of presentation by the USS of incomplete and false information for grounding the decisions of state level;
  • the attempt of the coercive nationalization of the self-ruled public resource, which is now the domain “UA”;
  • the attempt of the regulation by the sublegal acts of the legal relationships, which concern the world system of domain names that was created and is indirectly controlled by the USA government;
  • the attempt of the receiving of the finances from the state budget for the creation of the structure, the goals and tasks of which are not properly grounded;
  • the direct meddling of the Ukrainian government to the economic activities of several thousands of subjects of the entrepreneurial activities – registrars of domain names in the domain “UA”;
  • the direct danger on the side of the USS to the constitutional rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian citizens connected with information exchange and protection of personal data;
  • a step to the complete monopolization of the sphere of communications and the USS control over this sphere.
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