The Bukovina governor is going to call away the claims against mass media and journalists “for the sake of public order”


The press service of the oblast administration published the appeal of governor Teofil Bauer to the Bukovina dwellers and representatives of oblast mass media. In this appeal the governor declares that he is going to call away the claims against mass media and journalists “for the sake of public order”, since these claims “can become a destabilizing factor in the process of the development of the regional informational space”. Bauer asked all mass media of the region “to leave their ambitions and to begin the constructive dialog”.

The UNIAN informs that for more than six months the court process lasted after the claim of governor T. Bauer against the independent newspaper “Chas”, which accused the head of the oblast of mass falsifications during the last election to the Chernivtsy oblast council. The next court sitting was planned to be conducted on 6 June – on the Day of journalists of Ukraine.

The governor of Bukovina points out that “the tension in the relations between the state power and some regional mass media has its objective and subjective reasons”, but affirms that he “never initiated it personally”. T. Bauer recognized that he fulfilled the adopted decisions in the interests of people and used “urgent, but sometimes unpopular measures, which generated some misunderstandings and, maybe, errors”.

Teofil Bauer stated that he always “thought highly about the hard work of journalists and people of other professions”. He also appealed to the workers of oblast mass media, independently of their status and political orientation, “to be tolerant and steady in their relations with the power, to elucidate the events and facts objectively”.

At the same time the governor declared that he was forced to turn to the oblast dwellers and mass media because of the “PR-campaign against the oblast administration and governor, which displays the features of simple political order and has nothing common with truth”.

According to the information of the UNIAN, on 13 May the Bukovina journalists and members of their families organized the picketing of the building of the Chernivtsy oblast state administration. The picket was directed at the protection of the freedom of speech in the region and was a demonstration of solidarity with the newspaper “Chas”, which was obliged by court to pay 50 thousand hryvnas of compensation for publishing the feuilleton, where the concrete names of heroes were not mentioned. On 23 May the NUJU and the Parliamentary committee in charge of the freedom of speech and information turned to President Leonid Kuchma with the request to dismiss T. Bauer from his post for the persecutions of journalists and violation of informational laws of Ukraine.

30 May 2003


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