«Ukraina moloda», No. 109, 19 June 2003

Kharkov militia confiscated from distributors the newspaper "Bez tsenzury".


On 17 June the distributors of the newspaper of the bloc «Nasha Ukraina» in Kharkov came across an unpleasant incident. The workers of the local militia confiscated from them 410 copies of the edition «Bez tsenzury». The political weekly was distributed free of charge in the passage of one of Kharkov subway stations. About 5 p.m. militiamen came to distributors Igumnov and Poltavets and ordered them to walk to the station militia room. Here the militiamen compiled the protocol on the confiscation of 410 copies of the edition. The workers of the newspaper explained to our correspondent that the law-enforcers adduced the formal reason that the distributors allegedly impeded the movement of subway passengers. Yet, answering the official request of the assistants of MP Volodymir Filenko about the legal grounds of these actions, senior sergeant Sapelnik informed that he fulfilled the order of captain Sukhoruk, the head of the department of subway guard. The members of the editorial board of the weekly «Bez tsenzury» stated that this was not the first case of persecuting the distributors of the newspaper in the Kharkov oblast.

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