M. Tomenko: "I am indignant at the cynicism of the power that purposely fans the anti-Semitic moods in the society"


Mykola Tomenko commented the appearance of new “temniks”, which were sent by journalists to the Parliamentary committee in charge of the freedom of speech and information. These documents contain the recommendations about the elucidation of the most important events in social and political life of the country.

In particular, according to the information given by the press service of “Nasha Ukraina”, it is proposed to journalists to ignore the statements about the political reform by MPs Boris Bespaly, Petro Oliynuk and Aleksey Gudyma, the meeting of vice-speaker A. Zinchenko with the delegation of the German Union of young state employees, as well as the article, which was published by the American newspaper “The New York Times”, that reads that Ukraine is governed by criminal Leonid Kuchma.

The “temniks” also recommend to elucidate the act of vandalism committed in the Mukachevo synagogue in the context of the fact that the post of the town mayor is occupied by Vasiliy Petevka, who is supported by “Nasha Ukraina”. M. Tomenko informed that the experts, who analyzed the “temniks”, reckon that these documents were compiled by the specialists from Bankova Street.

“I am indignant at the cynicism of the power that purposely fans the anti-Semitic moods in the society, provokes the international conflicts and does its best to discredit the opposition”, said M. Tomenko. Besides, he pointed out that “the propositions” of the officials to ignore the opinions of some MPs contradict the new strategic course of the head of the state directed at the creation of the parliamentary republic.

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