Youth demands the apologies of law-enforcing organs


On 15 July the Youth Rukh and Youth Nationalistic Congress simultaneously conducted the press conferences in Rivne and Lutsk. At the press conferences the representatives of the above-mentioned organizations expressed the protest against the anti-Constitutional arbitrary actions of militia. They read out the appeal to the militia directorates of the Rivne and Volyn oblasts, demanding to explain the actions of law-enforcing organs and to apologize to the participants of the camp.

The young people resolutely protested against the attempts to transform Ukraine into a political state and drew the public attention to this important problem.

If we would not protect our constitutional rights by common efforts, then such methods of control would be applied again and again! This is our country!

Igor Goshovskiy, a participant of the camp “Proshchanitsa-2003”
The Rivne oblast magazine “Volyn”  

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