"Lvivska gazeta" brought a suit against Sergiy Medvedchuk.


“Lvivska gazeta” brought a suit to the Galytskiy local court against Sergiy Medvedchuk, the head of the State tax administration in the Lviv oblast, and against the tax administration.

The claim was caused by the recent press conference of Sergiy Medvedchuk, at which he made public the commercial and finance secrets of the newspaper using the documents presented by the edition to the tax administration during the regular inspection, thus inflicting the essential moral and material damage to the newspaper.

This information was communicated by Oleg Onisko in the interview to “Deutsche Welle”.

The journalists are sure that the pressure on the newspaper is based on the political motives, especially on the eve of the presidential election, and that this is the reaction to the critical publications about the activities of Lviv tax officers.

“Maybe, in this way Medvedchuk tries to make our newspaper silent”, supposes O. Onisko.

The collective of the newspaper demands the public apologies from Sergiy Medvedchuk and 25 hryvnas of moral compensation, as well as 20 thousand hryvnas from the tax administration. The court consideration will be held in October.

“Lvivska gazeta” began its own journalistic investigation of the activities of the tax officers after the complaints of Lviv businessmen.

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