Mukachevo militia carries out the mass arrests for participation in the protest meeting


On 31 December the Mukachevo militia started the mass arrests of the deputies of the town council and representatives of private enterprises, who took part in the protest meeting near the building of the mayor’s office, which was held on 30 December. This information was communicated by Yuri Orobets.

«The militiamen have no documents empowering them to carry out the arrests. All is happening after the scenario of the notorious 1937. We turned to Nina Karpacheva and to Mr. Radchenko, the secretary of the Council of national security, with the request to take the immediate measures for stopping the arbitrary actions of law-enforcers»,informed the deputy. Orobets believes that «the oblast representatives of the SDPU (u) are purposely provoking the mass disorders with the aim to legitimatize the President’s Edict, which is obviously illegal. The mass arrests evoke the extremely negative reaction of all town dwellers».

Now MPs Oleksiy Ivchenko, Viktor Pinzenik, Yuri Orobets, Roman Zvarich and Viktor Barloga are turning to thelaw-enforcingstructures trying to neutralize the arbitrariness that is raging in the town on the eve of the New Year.

Press service of «Nasha Ukraina»

31 December 2003

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