Special squads of militia are trained to disperse the meetings of opposition


In the middle of December 2003 the trainings of special militia squads were organized with the support of minister Mykola Bilokon. Thelaw-enforcerswere trained to establish public order at meetings.

The newspaper «Grani+» described the training in details. According to the newspaper, the militia squads «Omega» and «Bars» improved their skills at «establishing the public order in the places of mass gatherings». The training was conducted at the militia training ground near Novy Petrivtsy (the Kyiv oblast). About 300 students of the Militia Academy imitated «the group of citizens dissatisfied with the power». They were carrying the posters with slogans: «Give us the freedom of speech!», «For independent Ukraine!» and so on. There were no slogans like «Away with Kuchma!», points out the author. The ranks of militiamen from the special squads in flak jackets and with shields and batons were opposing the «demonstrators». The «demonstrators» cried out the slogans, and thelaw-enforcerslaunched two «warning» rockets to the sky. Then the militiamen demanded from the demonstrators to disperse, and after this the armored vehicle followed with the car equipped with a water cannon moved toward them.

At some distance from the training ground the ambulance and two militia cars for the detained were parked. The «demonstrators» defended themselves with sticks, but were dispersed quickly with the teargas. The «instigators of the disorders» were taken into militia cars.

Some time later the special squads for fighting terrorism (in particular, the USS squad «Alfa») were trained on the same ground.

The newspaper informs that the seminar of heads and deputy heads of all oblast militia directorates has been held before the training. The seminar was closed, but the journalists managed to learn that generals and colonels «improved their theoretical knowledge on fighting terrorism» and «learned to act in extraordinary situations» — to fight against the participants of protest actions and public disorders, which, allegedly, might happen in Ukraine in the nearest future.

The edition also points out that «Alfa» squads (all in all, 400 persons) exist in all oblast centers of Ukraine. They have the most modern equipment and armament. Besides, the squads with similar functions have appeared recently in the Ministry of Interior.


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