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Open letter of representatives of mass media, public and charity organizations of the Sumy oblast to the members of the temporary commission of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for investigating the activities of international donor organizations.


Open letter of representatives of mass media, public and charity organizations of the Sumy oblast to the members of the temporary commission of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for investigating the activities of international donor organizations

We, representatives of mass media, public and charity organizations of the Sumy oblast want to express our deep anxiety about the creation of the temporary commission for investigating the activities of public organizations existing at the expense of foreign grants.

We are anxious because certain political forces may use the work of this commission for destabilization of the mechanisms of social development and the aid, which is rendered through the public organizations, or for the impediment to the work of public organizations, which promote the development of democracy in Ukraine.

We know nothing about the NGOs, which obtain the finances from the international foundations for the support of some concrete candidates.Non-interferenceto the political struggle is one of the main principles of the work of international donor organizations. On the contrary, we can adduce many examples, when, owing to public and charity organizations of the Sumy oblast, whose projects were financed by international foundations, some social problems were solved, the problems that could not be solved by the state because of the lack of money. Among them: humanitarian aid to the poorest groups of the population, improvement of the material base of medical and educational establishments, creation of the operating mechanisms of restoration of the service sphere in countryside, development of women’s entrepreneurial activities, informational support of public initiatives, consultative support of small-and medium-scale business, elucidation of the activities of the power organs, free legal aid to the poor citizens, development of youth organizations, etc.

We understand the wish of MPs to protect the national interests and are also worried with the fact that many public organizations mainly exist owing to the financial aid rendered to them by international foundations. We are also interested in the growth of Ukrainian component in the budget of these public organizations. Yet, no investigation commissions can stimulate this growth. This problem can be solved only by the adoption of legal acts, which would guarantee the participation of national sources in financing the public initiatives, which would countenance the financing of social sphere by business circles.

For instance, in 1977 the US Congress adopted the law «On reinvestment of local communities», which demanded from banks to invest money in the development of social sphere of the territories, where these banks functioned. We are also hoping for the constructive work of the Supreme Rada directed at the support of public initiatives.

We demand to take our viewpoint into account, since we are a part of the people, which you are representing in the supreme legislative organ.

Anton Aleshchenko, the head of the Sumy oblast youth organization «Matytsya»

Sergiy Aleshchenko, the manager of the Sumy resource center

Anna Babkova, the executive manager of the Union of businessmen of the Trostianets district

Denis Vlasov, the head of the Lebedin town organization of the UUDM

Svetlana Zakharchenko, the head of the Sumy oblast women’s youth organization «Kryzovy tsentr»

Oleksandr Kalmykov, the head of the Sumy oblast youth organization «Sumska initsiativa»

Olena Kysil, the head of the Sumy town charity fund «Rostok»

Petro Moskovko, a deputy of the president of the Charity association «Rodina»

Marina Parichenko, a social teacher of the Center of social-labor rehabilitation «Spilnota»

Oleksandr Takul, the head of the Sumy town organization «Public bureau »Pravozakhist«»

Yulia Chorna, an information manager of the public organization «Poriatunok»

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