22.12.2003 | Oleksiy Svetikov, the Lugansk oblast

Who will protect us from… militia?


Six cases on inflicting physical injuries to citizens are considered today by prosecutor’s organs and courts of the Lugansk oblast; 9 militia officers are brought to responsibility.
This year 5 militiamen were accused after 3 criminal cases. Yet, according to the information of Leonid Gorelik, the head of the oblast department for the cooperation with law-enforcing organs, no criminal cases were instituted against law-enforcers after citizens’ complaints. At the same time the number of the complaints against the arbitrary actions of law-enforcers is growing: this number was 1215 in 2002, and 892 complaints were handed during 8 months of the current year. However, the check confirmed the facts stated only in 86 complaints; as a result, 124 militiamen were brought to the disciplinary responsibility.
As to the rest 806 complaints, either the citizens gave the untrue information or the investigating organ «defended» the uniformed criminals. Well, both versions are depressing.

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