Marek Nowicki, one of the most famous human rights protectors, has died


Marek Nowicki, the Head of the Board of the Helsinki foundation of human rights, one of the most famous human rights protectors and teachers of human rights, died in Warsaw on 10 October. He was 56.

Marek Nowicki was an atomic physicist by the education, in 1972-1981 he worked at the faculty of mathematics and physics of the Warsaw University. In the 60s he was one of the founders of the students’ alpinist movement of Poland, later – the head of the Federation of academic alpinist clubs and a member of the Board of the Union of alpinists.

In 1980-1981 Nowicki worked in the Mazowsza regional branch of the Independent self-rule union «Solidarnost»: he was the head of the Mediation commission and, later, the Chief of the detachment of technical organization of protest actions in this region. He organized and directed street demonstrations, prepared the plans of strikes. After the introduction of martial law he was interned to Belolenke, Zalenza and Kielcy-Piaski.

After the release, in the 80s, Marek Nowicki founded the underground printing shop «Neutrino», he also worked as the editor-in-chief of the underground quarterly magazine «Law and order. Letters about right and lawlessness», where he published his articles under the penname «Man».

In December 1982 M. Nowicki became one of the founders of the underground Helsinki committee in Poland. He was a co-author of the first reports of the Helsinki committee concerning the violations of human rights and freedoms in Poland, which reports were passed to the PACE. After the collapse of communism in Poland the members of the Helsinki committee created the Helsinki foundation of human rights in Poland. Marek Nowicki headed this foundation since 1990. Now this foundation is one of the most experienced and effectively working non-governmental organizations in Europe.

More than once Marek Nowicki was invited as an expert on human rights by such international organizations as the PACE and UNO, as well as by the commissions of both chambers of Polish Parliament. He took part in the creation of the Charter of rights and freedoms, which had the essential influence on the Polish Constitution. Nowicki wrote a number of articles and film scripts on the history and philosophy of human rights, he also was one of the authors of educational programs. Marek Nowicki initiated the wide enlightenment activities connected with human rights, he was a founder of the School of human rights of the Helsinki foundation.

Until the very end of his life Marek Nowicki delivered lectures in Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus. Owing to his energy and charisma he became a symbol of peaceful struggle for human rights.

After the information of the Helsinki foundation of human rights

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