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Three fourth of the amount of TV news of six basic Ukrainian TV channels directly concern Ukraine


Three fourth of the TV news of six basic Ukrainian TV channels directly concern Ukraine. These are the results of the research conducted by the Association of the Ukrainian press (AUP), which were presented on Wednesday at the press conference in Kyiv.

Natalya Kostenko, the director of the AUP project “Monitoring of political news of Ukrainian TV channels”, informed that “the most Ukraine-centered TV channels are: the First national channel “YT-1” (84% of news concern Ukraine) and “Novy kanal” (81%), and the least – “1+1” (67%) and “ICTV” (62%)”. According to N. Kostenko this is a stable tendency, which was also observed last year.

Almost a quarter of the total amount of news is transmitted on the First national channel (23%), “1+1” and “Inter” broadcast 18% and 19% of news, respectively, “STB” – 15%, “ICTV” – 13% and “Novy kanal” – 10%. The same situation is observed with the distribution of the time for broadcasting news: “YT-1” – 26%, “1+1” and “Inter” – 18% each, “STB” – 15%, “ICTV” – 12%, “Novy kanal” – 11%.

The proportion of the political and not-political news in the total informational flow is almost equal: 38% and 36%, respectively (at that “Inter” and “Novy kanal” are most politicized – more than 40%).

Only 11% of political news concern the internal events, and 27% are connected with mutual relations between Ukraine and other countries. Moreover, the time of translation of the information about foreign politics is 3.5 times more than the time for internal political news: in other words, the messages about the internal events are usually shorter.

About 25% of the news concerning Ukraine do not contain the references to the sources of information; for political news this number is even more – 29%. The least quantity of such offences is made by the TV channel “STB”: 12%, and the most – by “1+1”: 29%,

Almost 80% of news reflect only one point of view, and only 21% contain two or more viewpoints. By the words of N. Kostenko, in 2002 these numbers were 78% and 22%, respectively.

The assortment of the events on the basic Ukrainian TV channels is almost identical.

The leader of the attention of the news is the supreme executive power, in particular, the President, who is mentioned in every fifth message. At that the information concerning President is, in 99% of cases, positive or neutral, and only 1% of such information is critical or ironical. The local power organs are the most popular objects of criticism among the power institutions – 21% of the messages have the negative tint.

The first week of October (6-11 October) was analyzed in the course of the research. The goal of the project was the study of the dynamics of representing the political news by various TV channels. The duration of the project is 10 months.

The researchers analyzed 35 news features (351 messages) transmitted by six TV channels on primetime (19:00-22:00). They applied the method of content analysis of audiovisual information.

(«Interfax-Ukraine», 5 November 2003,

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