Murders in Obukhiv. Death of journalist Sergiy Khavtura


On 11 November Sergiy Khavtura was buried. Sergiy was a journalist. He had worked in various informational agencies, but for some time before the death he was jobless. Khavtura was murdered in the night of 9 November near his house. A great haematoma and wound on his temple confirmed that the journalist was murdered. However, forensic experts resolved that Khavtura had died of cold and getting of food particles into his respiratory tract. The head traumas were not mentioned in the expert conclusion at all.

Obukhiv inhabitants tell that this was the 14th murder in their town during the last month. And every time the experts found any causes of the death, except the murder. The facts of falsifying the expert conclusions and passivity of militia in Obukhiv are scandalous! People are in panic. They asked Sergiy Khavtura’s friends, who came from Kyiv, to do something for the investigation of these crimes. They asked the journalists to describe this situation in the press in order to make the local militia act.

P. S. We learned that this electoral district was represented by Zasukha, the wife of the governor of the Kyiv oblast. The site “Maydan” already informed about the criminal riot, which takes place in the towns headed by the Zasukhas’ clan. This problem was also mentioned in the speeches of the participants of the Forum of democratic forces of the Kyiv oblast, which was held on 18 October in Bila Tserkva.

(11-2003, ­“Maydan-INFORM”;
“The Poltava oblast media club”, No.55, 17 November 2003)

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