Another court consideration of the claim of “Lvivska gazeta” against Sergiy Medvedchuk began in the Syhivskiy district court of Lviv


The Syhivskiy district court of Lviv started another court consideration of the claim of “Lvivska gazeta” against Sergiy Medvedchuk, the head of the tax administration of the Lviv oblast. Two weeks before, at the previous sitting, the newspaper turned to the court with the petition to make the audio record of the sitting. There was no needed equipment in the court, so the sitting was postponed until 17 November. The newspaper demands from Medvedchuk to refute publicly the false information, which he made public on 17 July during the press conference, and to pay to the newspaper 20 thousand hryvnas of moral and material compensation.

The matter of the fact is that, after the check of the newspaper by the tax administration, Medvedchuk stated that he had “several questions to “Lvivska gazeta””. “Firstly, the newspaper declared that its run was 10-16 thousand, but the real number was only 4000. Besides, there were some problems with advertising. During a year the newspaper had been unprofitable, but it, by some miracle, became profitable, when the tax check began”.

After this Oleg Onisko, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, said at a press conference that Medvedchuk gave the information that did not represent the facts and, so, went beyond his commission.

(«Obozrevatel», 17 November 2003,

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