Yulia Buk, an editor of the newspaper “Ekspress”, was robbed


Yulia Buk, an editor of the newspaper “Ekspress”, was robbed yesterday. The editorial board of the newspaper informed the UNIAN that a stranger had attacked the Yulia in the doorway of her house in evening, when the woman had been returning home from work. The man threatened the journalist with physical violence and snatched out her bag with small sum of money, editorial ID, passport, cell phone and credit card. The victim turned to the Sykhivskiy district militia precinct. The militiamen compiled the picture of the criminal and are now taking measures for his identification.

("UNIAN", 4 December 2003)

According to the materials of monitoring conducted by the ombudsperson 40 workers of mass media perished since 1991

(«Segodnia», No. 279, 8 December 2003)

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