A journalist of the newspaper “Faktor” was attacked in Cherkassy


In the evening of 27 November 2003 a lady-journalist of the newspaper “Faktor” was attacked near the Cherkassy state university. The informational agency “Kontekst-Media” learned about this incident today from Vadim Komarov, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper. By the words of Mr. Komarov, the journalists of the newspaper “Faktor” got the information that the administration of the University was going to organize the protest action against the construction of the café “Kartopliana khata” near the university. The journalists also learned that a group of students allegedly planned to attack the building site. It is known that the administration of the Cherkassy University protests against this building for a long time. V. Komarov informed that he had sent journalist Irina Bereza to the epicenter of the events with the task to photograph everything. Yet, the journalist was attacked by two strangers, they took away her camera, spoiled the film and inflicted slight bodily injuries to the girl. Bereza immediately phoned to the editorial board and her colleagues drove to her. Yet, the attackers had time to escape. The editor-in-chief of “Faktor” turned to militia with an application. An informant from the Cherkassy oblast militia directorate communicated to the “Kontekst-Media” that the investigation of the crime was carried out. The administration of the university gave no comments.

(“Kontekst-Media”, 28 November 2003,

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