Court process Chobit vs. Medvedchuk


Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and the leader of the SDPU (u), cancelled 12 items of his claim about the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against the author and publishers of the book “Narcissus. The political portrait of Viktor Medvedchuk”. Copies of the application were distributed by claimant’s attorneys among journalists. The application reads: “For the purpose of making our demands more exact, we ask to exclude items 56-67 from the claim”.

By the words of Dmytro Chobit, the author of the book, all deleted items concerned the section “Political businessman”. Viktor Medvedchuk demanded to recognize 99 episodes as inauthentic and to levy from the author, publisher and publishing house the compensation of moral damage equal to 1 million hryvnas.

 («Vechernie vesti», No. 182, 2 December 2003,

«Slovo Prosvity». No. 49, 3-9 December 2003)

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