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The statement of the prosecutor’s office on the violation of Ukrainian laws by Severodonetsk mayor V. Gritsychin


The adoption by the Severodonetsk town council of the budget was secret for the town dwellers since 24 January 2003, when the budget was adopted, and it has not been published until now.

On 27 February the Lugansk oblast organization of the Voters’ Committee of Ukraine sent a letter to V. Glagovskiy, the town prosecutor. The letter stated that “being a public organization, the main mission of which is the promotion of democratic values in Ukraine, the Lugansk branch of the VCU is displeased with such not-transparent actions of the organ of local self-rule”.

According to the results of the conducted inspection, the town prosecutor’s office submitted the statement to the town mayor Gritsyshin about the liquidation of the violation of item 5 Article 59 of the Law of Ukraine “On local self-rule in Ukraine”. Thus, the town dwellers may now hope to learn the “secret” of the local authorities in a month, of course if the mayor would take the appropriate measures for eliminating the violations of the law.

 (Evhen Bayramov, “Politichna Ukraina”)
Lugansk CVU [email protected]

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