Death of Ukrainian TV cameraman Bogdan Povarnin


In the end of last year Bogdan Povarnin, a 27-year-old cameraman of Kherson TV, was brutally beaten by strangers. He was taken to a hospital with the cerebral brain trauma and nasopharynx haemorrhage that could not be stopped. Bogdan died in two weeks. By that time the attacker, a technical school student, had been already detained. The reason of the tragedy was a trivial robbery.

Shortly after Bogdan’s funeral some bastards attacked his colleague, a 33-year-old cameraman of local TV. The man remained in the street without outer clothing, some personal things and keys, but he was glad that he survived and could move. Three weeks later, after the attack at another cameraman, the street “gangsters” were arrested.

(«Ukrainska gazeta», No. 14, 10-16 April 2003)

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