Heads of TV companies passed the next portion of “temniks” to M. Tomenko


Mykola Tomenko, the head of the Parliamentary committee in charge of the freedom of speech and information, again turned to General Prosecutor of Ukraine Sviatoslav Piskun with the demand to start a criminal case after Article 171 of the Criminal Code on preventing the professional activities of journalists by President’s Administration. The demand was caused by the next portion of “temniks” (written recommendations concerning the contents of the information presented by mass media) that had been got by the heads of TV companies and passed by them to Tomenko. In particular, the recommendation of 17 January advises to journalists to obtain the commentaries about the results of the 2nd session of the Supreme Rada only from Oleksandr Zinchenko, Bogdan Gubskiy, Oleksandr Volkov, Igor Sharov, Mykola Onishchuk and Mikhail Pogrebinskiy.

 («Silski visti », No. 16, 7 February 2003)

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