What is the proportion of lie in the free press?


Recently MP V. Potapov took part in a live broadcast. S. Gabrielov, a deputy of the Kupiansk town council and the editor of our newspaper, put a question to him about the freedom of speech, and V. Potapov answered: “The editor of “Frant” has so much freedom that he writes everything he can. His newspaper contains 50% of lie”. Thank you, respected Mr. Potapov, for the wonderful publicity. “The Washington Post”, one of the most respected newspaper in the USA, publishes, according to the data of American experts, 25-30% of authentic information. So, we are much better.

We remember well the significant date for our collective – 1 February 2001, when “Frant” published its first critical article. This article presented our own opinion about the local live TV broadcast with the participation of town top officials.

 («Frant», Kupiansk-Uzlovoy, the Kharkov oblast, No. 20, 8 May 2003)

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