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71% of the Ukrainian citizens reckon that political censorship exists at TV and in the press


These data were presented by the Ukrainian democratic group, which, on 26 June-7 July, conducted the all-Ukrainian poll by the request of the Institute of politics. 100 respondents were questioned in all regions of Ukraine. The respondents believe that some events are elucidated and commented in details, and others are either hushed up or elucidated from the negative point of view. Only 11% did not agree with that. According to the results of the poll, the censorship is practiced by the Administration of the President of Ukraine (46% of the respondents), administration of TV channels and newspapers (25%), owners of TV channels and newspapers (23%) and the National Council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting (23%). 59% of the respondents are sure that the political censorship exists at the TV channel “UT-1”, 56% -- at the channel “1+1”, 55% -- at the channel “Inter”. Only 13% of the participants of the poll reckon that the absolute freedom of speech exists in Ukraine. Every fifth respondent pointed out the absence of the freedom of speech, every second answered that there were some problems with the freedom of speech in Ukraine. 56% believe that the problems with the freedom of speech are caused by the violations of the operating legal norms by the organs of executive power (37% -- central organs and 19% -- local organs), and 13% -- by the imperfection of the legislative base.

(«Silski Visti », No. 83, 18 July 2003)


The respondents believe that the TV channels ICTV, STB and “Novy kanal” are least controlled by censors. 31%, 28% and 27%, correspondently, told that these channels underwent censorship. The experts think that this result is caused by the comparatively narrow broadcasting zones of these channels.

Every sixth respondent reckons that the political censorship is put into practice by the Supreme Rada, every seventh – by the Cabinet of Ministers, and every eleventh – by journalists themselves.

 («Ukraina moloda», No. 128, 18 July 2003)

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