Attack on Oleg Eltsov, the editor of the Internet-edition “Ukraina kriminalnaya”


On 24 July, in Kyiv, two strangers attacked journalist Oleg Eltsov, the editor of the Internet-edition “Ukraina kriminalnaya” (“Criminal Ukraine”).

Oleg Eltsov informed “Interfax-Ukraine” by phone that two men were waiting for him on the landing and tried to beat him, when he left the flat. One of the attackers had an electro-shocker, another – a pipe wrapped in something. For some time the journalist defended himself, and they ran away. The journalist feels well.

O. Eltsov suggests that these men tried to get to his flat: they ringed his doorbell twice during the day, but he was very busy and did not want to open the door. The journalist left the flat, since he had to go to court.

Now the militiamen, who were called by Eltsov, are making portraits of the criminals. The journalist also saw a car, which, in his opinion, might belong to the attackers.

The journalist does not think that the attack was connected with the trial, which had to take place on 24 July, because this case had been considered for a long time. At the same time, he does not exclude the possibility that the attack was connected with some of the publications, which appeared on the site during several recent months. “Almost every article could have such result”, he said.

The Internet-edition “Ukraina kriminalnaya” elucidates journalist’s investigations concerning the activities of Ukrainian top officials, MPs, representatives of force agencies, etc. More than once the deputies’ requests to the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine were based on the materials placed on the site.

The materials of the site are thoroughly studied and analyzed by the law-enforcing organs.


The last material published by Oleg Eltsov in the Internet-edition “Ukraina kriminalnaya” was connected with the past of one of the most influential Ukrainian bankers.

(«Shliakh peremogi», No. 31, 24-30 July 2003)

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