Head of the Vinnitsa oblast administration obliged medics to subscribe to state newspapers


Viktor Kotsemir, the Head of the Vinnitsa oblast administration, signed the order on the organization of the subscription of all medical establishments of the oblast for state (communal) periodicals. The ForUm correspondent communicates that the heads of medical establishments got the corresponding phoned telegram from the oblast administration.

The telegram reads: “According to the order of the head of the oblast state administration, the subscription must be organized in the medical establishments for state and oblast editions (“Podoliya”, “Vinnichina”, “Panorama”, “Uriadovy kuryer”, “Golos Ukrainy”). You must inform about the results of the fulfillment of the order in writing up to 8 July 2003. Deputy head of the directorate D. Bilous. Transmitted by Suprun”.

Journalists of Vinnitsa independent newspaper “33 kanal”, who managed to get the copy of the telegram, turned to the oblast prosecutor’s office and the Anti-monopoly Committee with the request to estimate the actions of the power organs and the co-founders of the newspapers.

ForUm, 16 July 2003,

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