Court satisfied the claim of IASM and I. Slisarenko against the magazine “Korrespondent”, which accused the plaintiffs of racism and anti-Semitism


On 1 August 2003 the Pecherskiy district court of Kyiv considered and satisfied the claim of the Interregional Academy of Staff Management (IASM) and I. Slisarenko, the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Personal”, against the company “KP Druk” (publisher of the Russian-language magazine “Korrespondent”) on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, and on recompensing the moral damage.

The court resolution reads that the information made public by “Korrespondent” discredited honor, dignity and business reputation of the plaintiffs – IASM and Igor Slisarenko. Besides, this information inflicted damage to their interests, since the defendants spread inauthentic data aimed at the detriment of claimants’ reputation.

The company “KP Druk” is owned by US citizen Jed Sanden. In December 2000 – February 2003 the editions owned by Jed Sanden, in particular “Korrespondent”, conducted the defamation campaign against the IASP, its administration and the scientific magazine “Personal”, accusing them of anti-Semitism, “racism”, etc. The editorial board of “Korrespondent” refused to refute voluntarily the false information spread by the magazine, so the IASM and Igor Slisarenko had to turn to court.

The court obliged the editorial board of the magazine “Korrespondent” to publish the refutation of this information within 30 days and to recompense the moral damage to the claimants: 80 thousand hryvnas to the IASM and 20 thousand hryvnas to Igor Slisarenko.

(«Golos Ukrainy», No. 144, 5 August 2003)

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