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17371 periodicals have been registered in Ukraine before 1 July 2003


These data were communicated by Viktor Petrenko, a deputy head of the State committee on TV and radio broadcasting. 6598 editions were founded by juridical persons, 2900 – by physical persons and 802 – by the organs of local self-rule.

According to the statistics, the editions with the commercial orientation and the editions founded by physical persons prevail in the informational space of our state. This fact influences the entire sphere of mass media activities, in particular, forming of the informational process, “which generates some peculiar tendencies”. Such situation must make the power structures to look for the new approaches in the relations with mass media independently of the form of property, reckons V. Petrenko. At the same time, the statistical data evidence the increase of the number of the Ukrainian-language editions. In 2000 this number was 1933, and on 1 July 2003 – 2401 (the number of Russian-language editions was 784 and 809, respectively).

(«Slobidskiy kray”, Kharkov, No. 161, 29 August 2003)

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