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Kirovograd militia protects journalists


Taking into account the specificity of journalistic profession and the public interests to the crimes committed against the mass media workers, the top officers of the Kirovograd oblast militia directorate control every case of that kind. This was confirmed by the cases on robberies of three Kirovograd journalists that were committed in June-July 2003.

Within two days the detectives of Kirovograd town militia directorate disclosed the robbery of two workers of local TV company. Efim Marmer, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Ukraina-Tsentr”, called the disclosure of the robbery of a correspondent of his newspaper “a demonstration of high professionalism of militiamen”. Journalists of the newspaper “Ukraina-Tsentr” thanked the law-enforcers for their conscientious work.

(«Imenem zakonu», No. 33, 15-21 August 2003)

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