Lviv mayor Lubomir Buniak must apologize to “Ekspress”


The Galitskiy district court of Lviv obliged Lviv mayor Lubomir Buniak to refute the information spread by him in August 2002, when he demanded from Lviv newspapers to apologize for the participation in the organization of the aviation show, where the catastrophe of a plane “Cy-27” happened.

Representative of the court informed that the mayor might appeal against this decision to a court of higher instance. He did not give any other details.

We want to remind that in August 2002 the newspaper “Express” turned to court and demanded from L. Buniak to refute the accusations brought by him against the newspapers. The editorial board did not demand any material compensation.

The mayor blamed the mass media, which had been the informational sponsors of the aviation show, because they had not been curious about the safety of this action.

As a result of the catastrophe of the plane “Cy-27” in July 2002 in Lviv 76 persons perished.

(“Ukrainski novyny”, 18 August 2003)

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