From the open letter of the Association of the party press to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe


Recently the international image of Ukraine was undermined for the umpteenth time. Again, because of the unknown reasons, we occupied one of the last places by the level of the freedom of the press. Even after our government adopted the Law on the unhindered realization of the citizens’ right for the freedom of speech and legally defined the term “censorship”, some anonymous experts from “Freedom House” fixed “the further deterioration of the situation with the freedom of mass media in Ukraine”. And some time later “Amnesty International” breathed on the reputation of our country declaring about “the violations of citizens’ right for free access to information” that allegedly existed in our country.

We reckon that the monitoring and the expert activities in the sphere of mass media on the territory of Ukraine must be realized not only by international organizations or some small groups of Ukrainian journalists, but by editorial collectives of almost 400 party periodicals, which reflect the entire spectrum of political opinions, but are united in their patriotic feelings. The party journalists are permanently working in the epicenter of the political life. Their generalized observations and conclusions would be able not only to guarantee the transparency and democracy of the results, but also (and that is the most important task) to promote the unbiased estimation and the ways of the development of democracy in Ukraine.

(«Narodna spravedlivist», No. 22, June 2003)

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