Evpatoria editor was fined for 300 thousand hryvnas


The Appeal court of the Crimean Autonomous Republic satisfied the claim on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation handed by Mykola Kotliarevskiy, a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Crimea, against the editorial board of the newspaper «Evpatoriyskaya nedelia» and its editor Volodymir Lutyev. The claimant also demanded to recompense him the moral damage. The court recognized that the information about M. Kotliarevskiy, published by V. Lutyev in the newspaper «Evpatoriyskaya nedelia», was not true, communicates the Crimean news agency.

The court obliged the editorial board to publish the refutation of the above-mentioned information on the first page of the newspaper and with the same font, and to print 20 thousand copies of the issue with this refutation.

The court levied 300 thousand hryvnas from the editor-in-chief and 10 thousand hryvnas – from the editorial board of the newspaper. The consideration of the case on the accusation of V. Lutyev of the attempted murder of M. Kotliarevskiy will be conducted today.

V. Lutyev was detained on 11 November 2002 on suspicion of the commitment of the crime envisaged by Articles 15 and 115, part 2 item 11 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine («premeditated murder committed by order»). On 20 November 2002, on the basis of the decision of the Tsentralny district court of Simferopol, V. Lutyev was arrested and put to the preliminary prison. On 3 December 2002 the Appeal court of the Crimea cancelled the decision of the district court about the arrest of Lutyev and released him after giving the written undertaking not to leave a place.

In September 2003 the Appeal court of the Kherson oblast took the decision about taking V. Lutyev into custody. In the end of 2003 the Appeal court of Sevastopol postponed the consideration of the case of editor V. Lutyev because of the refusal of advocate Oleksandr Gnezdov to represent Lutyev’s interests in court. The time was given to Lutyev for concluding a contract with another advocate.

The committee for monitoring of the freedom of the press in the Crimea

11 February 2004

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