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13.04.2004 | Viktor Ageev, Andrey Fedur
Court practices

Consideration of Feldman’s case by the Supreme Court of Ukraine


On 17 February 2004 the sitting of the Supreme Court of Ukraine was held. The Court started the consideration per se of the cassation complaints of Boris Feldman, the vice-president of the bank «Slavianskiy», and his advocates.

It turned out at the sitting that the composition the collegium of judges had changed: judges Kosarev, Panevin and Tsitovich were replaced by judges Korotkevich, Kosarev and Zemliany.

The state prosecution was represented by Boris Slobodeniuk, an officer of the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

The defense of B. Feldman was realized by advocates Viktor Ageev and Andrey Fedur.

The court had time to consider only several petitions. The judges rejected the petitions of the defense about the guaranteeing of participation of B. Feldman in the consideration of the case and about the suspension of the execution of verdict concerning B. Feldman. However, the court satisfied the petition about the permission to journalists and advocates to make audio and video records in the courtroom. The court referred to the necessity to study the documents presented by the defense and postponed the consideration of the case to 9 March 2004, that is for the term essentially exceeding the reasonable time needed for familiarization with the documents.

We want to remind that the cassation by Boris Feldman had been handed as early as 13 March 2003, and the Supreme Court violated all admissible terms of consideration of the cassation. Meanwhile, B. Feldman is still held in custody on the basis of evidently illegal verdict.

Advocates reckon that the retardation of the decision on Feldman’s case may be connected with the fact that the influence is exerted on court. It is obvious to everybody that the verdict against Feldman must be reversed, and the case must be closed, but certain persons are doing their best to hinder the Supreme Court from issuing the fair verdict or, at least, to protract this process maximally.

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