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13.04.2004 | Andrey Tiutiunnikov
Court practices
«Donetskie novosti», No. 657, 5 February 2004

Picketing of the Donetsk appeal court


On 4 February about ten people picketed the entrance to the building of the Donetsk oblast appeal court. These people are dissatisfied with court decisions on their cases. The picketers want their problems to be considered by the commission of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, which checks the work of the appeal court since the beginning of February.

The commission agreed to receive the representatives of the picketers on 11 February. Yet, in the opinion of the protesters, it is not sufficient. They demand to consider their appeals immediately. They intend not to leave the place of the protest action even at night.

Meanwhile, the conference of judges of the Donetsk oblast was held in the building of the appeal court. Delegates of the conference lamented for the great amounts of work, poor financing, problems of convoy service, etc. In that way judges explained the too long consideration of many cases. Now one judge in the Donetsk oblast must consider 121 cases per year, which is more than the average number in Ukraine.

The greatest number of the complaints was handed against the servants of Themis of the Kyivskiy district court of Donetsk, Slaviansk town court, Tsentralno-Gorodskiy district court of Gorlovka and some other courts.

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