09.07.2004 | Viktor Kozoriz, Kharkov

Arbitrary actions of militiamen discredit the entire executive power


«Arbitrary actions of militiamen discredit the entire executive power», reads the appeal of MP Sergiy Oleksiyuk (the fraction «Our Ukraine») sent to General Prosecutor of Ukraine Gennadiy Vasylyev.

The creation of this appeal was caused by the complaint of Vasyl Vishniakov, a dweller of the village of Pyatigirsk, the Balakleya district of the Kharkov oblast, and his son Vladimir. The complaint was handed to the public reception office of the MP situated in Kharkov.

The state of Vladimir’s health was so grave that he could not speak, but his father informed that on 9 March about 8 p.m. his son had been brutally beaten by three officers of the Balakleya town militia precinct. After this Vladimir was handcuffed and transported to the Balakleya district precinct, where the administrative protocol against him was falsified. On the next day judge of the town court Nosov considered this protocol and issued the decision about the administrative arrest of the detained for three days.

«I was not admitted to the court sitting, and the judge even did not ask why the young man had damaged face, torn ear and hardly could stay», told Vasyl Vishniakov. He also told that the officers of the district militia precinct, where he came together with his wife, did not allow him to write the complaint against the arbitrary actions of militiamen, who, according to his words, had been drunk.

«Unfortunately, this is not the first case, when inhabitants of the Kharkov oblast turn to me with the complaints against the arbitrary actions of militia officers», tells Sergey Oleksiyuk, a member of the Parliamentary committee in charge of the legislative provision of law-enforcement activities, «but I was shocked with the last case, because two of the militiamen, who beat Vladimir, were his coevals and, what is more, former classmates. Yet, this did not stop them.»

S. Oleksiyuk also told that he would demand from the General Prosecutor to give the legal assessment of the actions of the militiamen, who exceeded their commission, since these actions discredited not only the law-enforcing organs, but the Ukrainian executive power as a whole.

By the way, when Vladimir was released after the three-day arrest and turned to the Balakleya district hospital for the medical aid, the doctors refused to hospitalize him, although he had the cerebral brain concussion. Only owing to the interference of the assistant-consultant of MP Vasyl Tretetskiy Vladimir was taken to the Kharkov oblast clinical hospital, where he still stays.

Sergey Oleksiyuk also sent the corresponding appeal concerning this fact to the Minister of health protection of Ukraine.

Viktor Kozoriz, Kharkov
17 March 2004
E-mail: [email protected]

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