Kyiv officials accuse SDPU (u) of the Mukachevo events


The Kyiv city council approved the appeal on the events in Mukachevo, in which appeal the SDPU (u) was called a force that had promoted the scandalous excesses during the election of the town mayor.

«The scale of the violations at the election in Mukachevo have no precedents in the recent history of Ukraine and require the immediate reaction on the side of the power and society», reads the appeal of the Kyiv city council, which was approved on Thursday. «The violations of laws during the election were openly encouraged (and sometimes even initiated) by the SDPU (u), a political party officially registered in Ukraine», states the document made public by the press service of «Our Ukraine». «Representatives of this party, who head the Presidential administration, Zakarpatska oblast state administration, Mukachevo territorial election commission and, according to President’s edict, the territorial community of the town, promoted the lawlessness and falsifications in favor of the candidate, which was supported by them». The Kyiv city council called the Mukachevo events «a challenge to the entire society».

The Kyiv city council turned to power organs with the demand «to resume the violated right of Mukachevo dwellers for free election of town mayor» and bring the guilty to criminal responsibility «independently of their posts and contacts».

Besides, the city council demanded «to dismiss the state officials, who, by their activities or passivity, promoted the outburst of crime in Mukachevo». «If this would be done, then the Ukrainian state would confirm its ability to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its citizens, else the impunity would finally debauch the criminals and their patrons», states the appeal of the Kyiv city council.

It is known that the Kyiv city council is headed by Oleksandr Omelchenko, an old opponent of the SDPU (u)., 29 April 2004


«Prava ludyny» commentary. There is a question concerning the Mukachevo events, which was not answered by any of the members of «Our Ukraine», to whom we turned. If you are sure that your candidate won with the advantage of more than 5000 votes, and you have the documents confirming this fact, then why your observers did not turn to court with the claim that the results of the election had been falsified? In our opinion such claims of Mukachevo citizens would change the situation. Yet, for some reasons, they are going to complain to the European court of human rights, which has no concern with this incident!

We endorse the political-legal assessment of the recent Mukachevo events given by the Kyiv city council, but any appeals would change nothing without the adequate legal actions of the participants of these events.

Evhen Zakharov

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