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On 13 May, before the beginning of the court sitting on the case of Tatiana Montian, who is persecuted for too active protection of the UNSO members during the consideration of the «case of 9 March», the potential participants of court sitting and the picketers became eyewitnesses of one of innovations practiced in the Darnitskiy district court of Kyiv. New order of the access of visitors has been introduced there. Several militiamen are on duty near the court building, two more militiamen work inside the building: they admit inside only the workers of the court and the participants of trials according to subpoenas. Other interested persons are let inside only after the permission of the judge. Thus, Tatiana Montian was not admitted to the court, since she had no subpoena, and the numerous spectators were waiting for «royal permission» for entrance to the public (!) sitting.

The democracy rages!

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