20.10.2004 | Secretariat of the Council of human rights protecting organizations

Parliament rejected all law drafts concerning the right for peaceful assemblies.


On 4 June the Supreme Rada of Ukraine rejected two law drafts concerning the right for peaceful assemblies: draft 5242 presented by a group of MPs and draft 5242-2 presented by the President of Ukraine. So, our country still has no legislative regulation of this question.

Draft 5242 presented by four MPs from different fractions (“Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc”, CPU, SPU and “Our Ukraine”) got only 165 votes.

The number of adherents of the draft presented by the President was even less – 139 MPs voted for it. Along with the above-mentioned fractions, the groups “Tsentr” and “Soyuz”, as well as the fractions NDP and PPPU, did not endorse the draft.

After this the legislators tried to direct these law drafts for the repeated first reading, but again none of the drafts got the needed number of votes. Even the proposition to unite the law drafts into one and to present it for the repeated first reading got only 219 votes.

According to the Regulations of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, these drafts are regarded as rejected.

Thus, the MP refused to deal with this question in general, and the voting showed that there was no compromise settlement of this question.

We want to remind that human rights protecting organizations appealed to reject the law draft presented by the President of Ukraine. As to the second draft, the human rights protectors had different opinions on this problem: some of them reckoned that such law was necessary and that the draft presented by the MPs had to be adopted, since it could be improved before the second reading. Others said that such law was not needed at all, especially on the eve of the election.

It is noteworthy that the Constitution of Ukraine envisages the restriction of the right for peaceful assemblies only on the basis of law. So, any restriction of this right, for example, by orders of the local power organs, contradicts the Ukrainian Constitution and the Law of Ukraine “On local self-government”.

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