20.10.2004 | Ludmila Kucherenko, Poltava

Poltava journalists protect the sellers of newspapers


The participants of the oblast conference “The fourth power of the Poltava oblast: examination for independence”, which was carried out in Poltava on the eve of the Day of journalists, appealed to the administration of the oblast and town to stop the disgraceful war against the sellers of newspapers.

In particular, the appeal of the Poltava journalists reads that the workers of the office of the main architect of Poltava enthusiastically “clean” the town of the “small architectural forms”, refusing to prolong the term of validity of licenses for realization of newspapers in the downtown by small undertakers (such as unwed mothers, handicapped women, etc.), who sell the periodicals for many years thus earning their modest living. The town executive committee, together with militia, regularly carry out the raids, and, without any legal grounds, confiscate the newspapers from such “offenders”, inflicting serious material damage to the sellers, since the newspapers cannot be sold a month or two later, like, for example, socks or pens. Tetiana Aleksandrova, an invalid of the 2nd group with ill legs, became one of the victims of such arbitrary actions: the law-enforcing organs took away the bag with newspapers from her and compiled the administrative protocol.

The members of the Poltava media-club promised to protect the woman, who directly delivers the printed word to the readers. Correspondents of several competent editions came to the sitting of the Oktiabrskiy district court of Poltava that considered the administrative case of T. Aleksandrova. Undoubtedly, judge O. Tkachenko took this circumstance into account and issued only the warning to the defendant.

Mykola Strashko, an assistant-consultant of MP A. Kukoba, informed that the administration of the Poltava town executive committee had knew nothing about the incidents with the newspaper sellers, and that the question was considered how to solve this problem and give the Poltava dwellers the opportunity to buy the periodicals in all convenient places.

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