26.10.2004 | Press-service of the Kharkov regional headquarters of V. Yushchenko

Arbitrary actions of the power


Recently the cases have become frequent in the Kharkov oblast of persecutions and dismissals of people for their political views. The Kharkov oblast, headed by so democratic governor E. Kushnariov, does not differ much from, for instance, Mukachevo.

The first story was connected with V. Govorukha, a candidate of science, a teacher of the regional institute of National Academy of management at the President of Ukraine. The reason of his dismissal was, as always, banal – he had been elected to the post of the Head of the Kharkov oblast organization of the all-Ukrainian union “For Ukraine, for Yushchenko”.

Then N. Tkacheva, a teacher of mathematics in the settlement of Savintsy, a winner of the competition “Teacher of the year”, was sacked. This happened after her participation in the “Forum of educators” organized by the fraction “Our Ukraine”.

On 7 July, after numerous persecutions on the side of administration, Yu. Petko had to leave his job in the Novaya Vodolaga department of “Sberbank”. The reason was the same: Mr. Petko had become a deputy head of the district headquarters of candidate to presidency V. Yushchenko. There were many other similar cases.

Another peculiarity should be pointed out. In spite of all intimidations, dismissals and penalties, people preferred to leave their job, but not refused from their views. The authorities should seriously think over this situation.

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