26.10.2004 | Olga Vilkova, the Sevastopol human rights protecting group

Two militiamen beat an imam in Alushta


On 26 June 2004 officers Putilin and Bolotin from the Alushta district militia precinct beat imam Elvin Kadyrov, a worker of the local mosque.

The militiamen confiscated the equipment for making confectionery from one of parishioners, and the man turned to the imam for advice and help. So, Kadyrov visited the local militia precinct. When he asked about the procedure of return of the confiscated property, militia officers Putilin and Bolotin answered vaguely and roughly, with use of unprintable words.

Kadyrov’s remark that the post and uniform did not give the right to insult and humiliate other people provoked the storm of indignation of the militiamen. Although imam Kadyrov had already left the room, they returned him coercively, beat, handcuffed and drove to the room for the detained. The militiamen accompanied their actions with grievous insults concerning Kadyrov and promises to imprison him. Ruslan Eredjepov, a parishioner of the local mosque, who was present there, began to cry that Kadyrov was an imam and asked to stop the beating. Yet, this fact did not discourage Putilin and Bolotin. Then Eredjepov ran for help. Soon the parishioners and representatives of the local Majlis gathered in the precinct. They saw the handcuffed, beaten and bloodstained Kadyrov, staying near the wall in Putilin’s office. They asked to release the imam, to take him to a hospital, but the militia officers did not react. Only the arrival of Umer Chabanov, the chairman of the Alushta regional Majlis, changed the situation. Kadyrov was, at last, unshackled and transported to the local hospital, where he stays until now. Prosecutors of Alushta and the Crimea, the head of the Alushta town militia directorate, deputies of the Alushta town council and other organizations, which must react to such cases, are informed in the written form about the incident.

Imam Elvin Kadyrov, being a religious man, pardoned his offenders. But, undoubtedly, the situation requires the reaction and legal estimation of the competent organs.

The material prepared on the basis of the data given by Umer Chabanov,

the chairman of the Alushta regional Majlis

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