17.11.2004 | Nikolay Kozyrev, Krasny Luch

The Lugansk oblast. Events in Krasny Luch


On 25 September, at 13:20, in Krasny Luch of the Lugansk oblast, unknown persons spilt the solution of brilliant green on an agitation tent of V. Yushchenko’s headquarters.

The material evidence was found on the place of the event – a plastic cup with traces of this medical solution.

An empowered person of V. Yushchenko handed the appeal about this offence to the town militia precinct in accordance with Article 157 of the Criminal Code.

On the same day, about 17:00, a picket of representatives of the party of regions was held near the town headquarters of V. Yushchenko. 35-40 persons (A. Yarovoy and others) unfolded the transparency “We are against terror!” and cried out threats through a megaphone.

Well, the efforts of crisis-managers are successful: they have managed to scrape off a thin cultural layer from the soul of a Ukrainian voter, and now one can see a primitive fascist-schizoid face of a savage, who is very dangerous in politics, just like a monkey with a Tommy-gun.

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