On 24 September several attacks against agitators and headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko were committed.


On 24 September, about 1 p.m., several young men tore off one of agitation tents of Viktor Yushchenko and left in a white “Zhiguli”. The agitators, who were on duty, had time to write down the number of the car, which, according to the data of road militia, was registered in the Kherson oblast.

By the information we have, a group of militiamen, together with the agitators, came to the Severodonetsk headquarters of V. Yanukovich. The long-term observers from the OSCE were present there too. At that time some strangers threw stones to the windows of the headquarters. They also escaped in a car of light color, this time – with Donetsk registration number. This happened at 15:20.

Forty minutes later several men, who also came in a light car, poured black paint on one more V. Yushchenko’s agitation tent.

There is no information from militia about these events yet.

The Lugansk oblast department of Voters’ Committee of Ukraine

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