Administrative resource mobilizes!


Along with Kharkov militia, Kharkov judges also started to struggle with opposition.

The local court of the Leninskiy district of Kharkov chaired by judge V. Lazarev refused to consider the complaint of A. Kvasha and V. Shcherbina, the empowered persons of candidate to President’s post V. Yushchenko. The claimants demanded to acknowledge as lawless the actions of the newspaper “Offitsialnye Vedomosti” (founded by the Kharkov oblast administration). The newspaper illegally published the agitation materials in favor of only one candidate – V. Yanukovich. The court issued a very strange decision, which, for some reasons, contradicted the Law of Ukraine “On election of the President of Ukraine”. Section XII, Article 91 reads: “An empowered person of a candidate to the post of the President of Ukraine may be a subject of turning with a complaint on behalf of the candidate”. However, our court reckons that an empowered person of a candidate to President’s post has no right to claim against activities of passivity of mass media…

Reasoning from the logic of the representatives of Themis, V. Yushchenko, who is not quite healthy yet after the poisoning, must quit his work, personally visit various regions and complain against numerous violations committed by local mass media in the interests of the pro-power candidate…

Yet, we are not going to give up!

We have handed the proper documents to superior bodies. I believe that we would be able to prove our case, and the offenders would be punished.

Press-service of the Kharkov regional headquarters of V. Yushchenko

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