Crimean Autonomous Republic. Telephones of adherents of Viktor Yushchenko are wiretapped in the Crimea


Valeriy Probiy-Golova, the empowered person of candidate to presidency Viktor Yushchenko in territorial electoral circuit No. 1 and the head of his Crimean headquarters, turned to prosecutor of the Crimea Volodymir Galtsev with the demand to institute a criminal case after the fact of wiretapping of his home telephones by militia.

“I learned from competent and trustworthy sources that my home telephones were illegally wiretapped, which brutally violated my constitutional rights. Article 32 of the Basic Law prohibits the collection, storage and use of confidential information about a person without his/her consent”, stated V. Probiy-Golova.

In his appeal to the prosecutor of the Crimea Mr. Probiy-Golova pointed out that there had been no legal grounds for meddling into his private life. “It is obvious that the people, who are wiretapping my phones, commit the crime envisaged by Article 97 of the Criminal-Procedural Code of Ukraine”, reckons the empowered person of the candidate to President’s post. “More and more frequent the facts evidence that militia, in contrary to laws and interests of the society, practice the political persecution instead of protection of public order”, remarked Valeriy Probiy-Golova. He also reminded that prosecutor’s office still had not started the criminal case after the fact of illegal supervision over Viktor Yushchenko in the Crimea. “Unfortunately, there are place-hunters and corruptioners in law-enforcing organs, who are ready to execute the criminal orders of power. Yet, I also know that there are many honest professionals among law-enforcers, who would not act against the interests of citizens and Ukrainian people as a whole. These people would, in the near future, form the image of the renewed militia and other force structures”, believes the head of Viktor Yushchenko’s headquarters. According to his words, the regime of Kuchma-Yanukovich turned Ukraine into a police state, where the number of militiamen is larger than the number of soldiers, and the level of crime is very high. “It is not surprising, since, it seems, the acting power orders to law-enforcers not to protect citizens from criminals, but to protect the regime from citizens by any means”, said Valeriy Probiy-Golova.

“Soon, at once after the victory at election of the people’s candidate to President’s post, militia will focus its efforts only on the fulfillment of their direct duties concerning the protection of public order, life, property and rights of citizens”, stated the head of Yushchenko’s headquarters.

Information sent by Roman Romanov

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